Bespoke, beautiful and delicious show-stopper cakes for any celebration.
When ordering, please provide as much details as possible, including collection date, size, flavour, colour, personalised message topper etc.
As all of our cakes are bespoke and made to individual requirements prices will vary.
EXTRAS: personalized message plaque, writing : £3
number candles: £2, Glitter topper: £8, themed 3D toppers from £15
All orders must be placed by
Please note : 2  weeks notice required, depending on our availability.

Available flavours:

  • Belgian chocolate

  • Vanilla bea/strawberry jam

  • Red velvet

  • Salted Caramel

  • Lemon Drizzle 

Prices starts from:

`6 inch-(8/12) portion £50

`7 inch - (12/16) portion £60

`9 inch-(20/30) portion £85

`11 inch-(30/40) portion £105